About the Conference


Nonlinear waves and coherent structures is a broad area of applied mathematics. Its theoretical aspects are relevant to subjects as diverse as general relativity, high-energy particle physics, fluid and solid mechanics, plasmas, nonlinear electrical circuits, Bose-Einstein condensation, nonlinear optics, random media, atmosphere and ocean dynamics, chemical reactions, and biology. One of the most successful and topical applications is the propagation of information in optical fibers, but remarkable agreement between theory and experiments can be claimed in many of the fields mentioned above.

The goals of this meeting are to provide an opportunity for the cross-fertilization among the different fields of applications and to increase the understanding and communication between the mathematicians who build the theory and the scientists who use it. The conference is designed to facilitate presentations of advances in nonlinear waves and coherent structures, ranging from basic mathematical research to various applications. It is expected to draw attendees from the mathematical, biological, engineering and physical sciences, and thus provide a strong impetus to new and innovative work in the field.

The organizing committee will make every effort to attract a large pool of members from different backgrounds and at different stages in their careers.


Nonlinear waves, pattern formation, coherent structures, and stability in:


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