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Statement on Inclusiveness

As a professional society, SIAM is committed to providing an inclusive climate that encourages the open expression and exchange of ideas, that is free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and that is welcoming and comfortable to all members and to those who participate in its activities. In pursuit of that commitment, SIAM is dedicated to the philosophy of equality of opportunity and treatment for all participants regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, age, marital status, disabilities, veteran status, field of expertise, or any other reason not related to scientific merit. This philosophy extends from SIAM conferences, to its publications, and to its governing structures and bodies. We expect all members of SIAM and participants in SIAM activities to work towards this commitment.



Due to unscheduled construction at the Hyatt Regency, the conference is being relocated from the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor to the Baltimore Convention Center to avoid an unacceptable meeting environment. Conference sessions and all associated events will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center.

The Baltimore Convention Center is adjacent to the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor and is within a 5-10 minute walk.

The conference schedule will soon be updated to reflect revised meeting room assignments.

If you reserved a guest room at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor, your reservation will not be affected and the hotel as assured us construction will not affect guest room quality.


Restaurants near the Baltimore Convention Center [PDF, 400KB]



To RSVP to the conference on Facebook and connect with other attendees, find roommates etc., please visit

If you are tweeting about the conference, please use the designated hashtag to enable other attendees to keep up with the Twitter conversation and to allow better archiving of our conference discussions. The hashtag for this meeting is #SIAMPD17. SIAM’s Twitter handle is @TheSIAMNews.


Organizing Committee

Chun Liu, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Alexis Vasseur, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Organizing Committee
Diego del-Castillo-Negrete, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Lawrence Craig Evans, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Eduard Feireisl, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
Josselin Garnier, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Huaxiong Huang, York University and The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Canada
Luis Silvestre, University of Chicago, USA
Vlad Vicol, Princeton University, USA
Tong Yang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Pingwen Zhang, Peking University, China



The primary goal of this conference is to bring together scientists and mathematicians working in partial differential equations and related fields. Contemporary challenges raised by recent advances in engineering, industry, and bio-technology, will be confronted with state-of-the-art mathematical and computational tools in PDE. Some of the topics covered in this meeting can be found in the list of themes below. Advanced graduate students and young researchers are encouraged to participate. Limited funding is available for graduate students and recent PhDs.


Funding Agencies


SIAM and the Conference Organizing Committee wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to the U.S. National Science Foundation and DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research for their support of this conference.




Important Deadlines

May 10, 2017 Deadline Extended: June 7, 2017:  Minisymposium Proposal Submissions
June 7, 2017: Contributed Lecture, Poster and Minisymposium Presentation Abstracts

May 26, 2017: SIAM Student Travel Award and Post-doc/Early Career Travel Award Applications

November 9, 2017: Disconnect time is midnight EST

November 9, 2017 Deadline Extended: November 22, 2017


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