Invited Presentations

Plenary Speakers

Next-Generation AMR
Ann S. Almgren
, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Why Future Systems should be Data Centric
Paul W. Coteus
,  IBM Research, USA

Scalability of Sparse Direct Codes
Iain Duff
, Science & technology Facilities Council, United Kingdom and CERFACS, Toulouse, France

A Systems View of High Performance Computing
Simon Kahan
, Institute for Systems Biology and University of Washington, USA

Towards Solving Coupled Flow Problems at the Extreme Scale
Ulrich Ruede
, University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Conquering Big Data with Spark
Ion Stoica
, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Beating Heart Simulation Based on a Stochastic Biomolecular Model
Takumi Washio
, University of Tokyo, Japan

Special Lectures

SIAG/Supercomputing Career Prize
Supercomputers and Superintelligence
Horst D. Simon,  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
PDF of Presentation [43MB]

SIAG/Supercomputing Best Paper Prize
Communication-Optimal Parallel and Sequential QR and LU Factorizations
James W. Demmel, University of California, Berkeley, USA; Laura Grigori, Inria, France; Mark Hoemmen, Sandia National Laboratories, USA; Julien Langou, University of Colorado, Denver, USA


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