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The first issue of the Wiley-Blackwell Journal Statistical Analysis and Data Mining is a special issue devoted to the best papers submitted to the 2007 SDM. See the February 2008 issue.

The second issue has an article that is a summary of the panel discussion at SDM07 on Data Mining Research: Current Status and Future Opportunities.

Best Paper Awards

Research: Less Is More: Compact Matrix Decomposition for Large Sparse Graphs
Authors: J. Sun, Y. Xie, H. Zhang and C. Faloutsos

Application: Harmonium Models for Semantic Video Representation and Classification
Authors: J. Yang, Y. Liu, E. Xing and A. Hauptmann

Best of SDM'07 Honorable Mentions

Fast Newton-type Methods for the Least Squares Nonnegative Matrix Approximation Problem
Authors: Dongmin Kim, Suvrit Sra and Inderjit S. Dhillon

ROAM: Rule- and Motif-Based Anomaly Detection in Massive Moving Object Data Sets
Authors: Xiaolei Li, Jiawei Han, Sangkyum Kim and Hector Gonzalez

Multi-way Clustering on Relation Graphs
Authors: Arindam Banerjee, Sugato Basu and Srujana Merugu


SDM 2007 Travel Award Recipient Information

Instructions for applying for your reimbursement:

1. Download and complete the travel reimbursement form .

2. Mail the form, along with all of your original receipts, to the address given at the bottom of the form, attention of Gina McCabe. Keep a photocopy of your receipts.

3. Also include a half page 'Conference Attendance Report', which describes how you benefited from attending the conference. This report is required for reimbursement. Please include it along with the reimbursement form.

In case of any further questions/clarifications, please e-mail [email protected].

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