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Best Paper Award
Fast Single-Pair SimRank Computation
Authors: Pei Li, Renmin University of China, China; Hongyan Liu, Tsinghua University, China; Jeffrey Xu Yu, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Jun He and Xiaoyong Du, Renmin University of China, China

Best Student Paper Award
A Compression Based Distance Measure for Texture
Authors: Bilson J. Campana and Eamonn Keogh, University of California, Riverside

Best Doctoral Forum Posters
Parallel Information Retrieval for Dense Vectors
Author: Tobias Berka, University of Salzberg, Austria

Decision Algebras for Capturing and Manipulating Decision Information
Author: Antonina Khairova, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Click here to view the Call for Doctoral Forum Participants and Student Travel Fellowships for the SIAM Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2010) [PDF,  44KB].

Organizing Committee

Steering Committee Chair
Chandrika Kamath, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Conference Chairs
Bing Liu, University of Illinois - Chicago
Srinivasan Parthasarathy, The Ohio State University

Program Chairs
Bart Goethals, University of Antwerp
Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University

Workshop Chairs
Marina Meila, University of Washington
Charu Aggarwal, IBM Research

Tutorial Chair
Jennifer Dy, Northeastern University

Poster Chair
Eamonn Keogh, University of California - Riverside

Publicity Chairs
Amol Ghoting, IBM Research

Sponsorship Chairs
Carlotta Domeniconi, George Mason University
Ruoming Jin, Kent State University

Local Chair
Mikhail Belkin, The Ohio State University 

Publications Chair
Hui Xiong, Rutgers University

Senior Program Committee Members
Charu Aggarwal
Arindam Banerjee
Ian Davidson
Inderjit Dhillon
Carlotta Domeniconi
Wei Fan
Johannes Furnkranz
Joao Gama
Gemma C. Garriga
Ruoming Jin
Eamonn Keogh
Jure Leskovec
Huan Liu
Sameep Mehta
Wagner Meira
Zoran Obradovic
Luc De Raedt
Celine Robardet
Saharon Rosset
Arno Siebes
Jimeng Sun
Evimaria Terzi
Jianyong Wang
Jieping Ye
Jeffrey X. Yu

Program Committee Members
Hiroki Arimura
Ira Assent
James Bailey
Roberto Bayardo
Bettina Berendt
Michael Berthold
Kanishka Bhaduri
Ella Bingham
Hendrik Blockeel
Christian Borgelt
Jean-Francois Boulicaut
Paul Bradley
Pavel Brazdil
Toon Calders
Deepayan Chakrabarti
Nitesh Chawla
Ming-Syan Chen
Weizhu Chen
James Cheng
Yun Chi
Chris Clifton
Diane Cook
Kamalika Das
Tamraparni Dasu
Umeshwar Dayal
Tijl De Bie
Jeroen De Knijf
Wei Ding
Guozhu Dong
Haimonti Dutta
Martin Ester
Ad Feelders
Eibe Frank
Elisa Fromont
Benjamin Fung
Venkatesh Ganti
Minos Garofalakis
Joydeep Ghosh
Amol Ghoting
Chris Giannella
Fosca Giannotti
Aristides Gionis
Robert Grossman
Fabrice Guillet
Dimitrios Gunopulos
Jiawei Han
Xiaofei He
Vasant Honavar
Daxin Jiang
Alipio Jorge
George Karypis
Yiping Ke
Arno Knobbe
Tamara Kolda
Stefan Kramer
Peer Kroeger
Marzena Kryszkiewicz
Rui Kuang
Vipin Kumar
Dominique Laurent
Jiuyong Li
Tao Li
Ee Peng Lim
Jinze Liu
Kun Liu
Tie-Yan Liu
Donato Malerba
Heikki Mannila
Rosa Meo
Pauli Miettinen
Dunja Mladenic
Siegfried Nijssen
Spiros Papadimitriou
Dino Pedreschi
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Kunal Punera
Naren Ramakrishnan
Huzefa Rangwala
Rajeev Rastogi
Soumya Ray
Chandan Reddy
Ulrich Rueckert
Lorenza Saitta
Joerg Sander
Lars Schmidt-Thieme
Martin Scholz
Thomas Seidl
Jouni Seppanen
Burr Settles
Kyuseok Shim
Carlos Soares
Arnaud Soulet
Myra Spiliopoulou
Jaideep Srivastava
Andrea Tagarelli
Pang-Ning Tan
David Taniar
Dacheng Tao
Nikolaj Tatti
Alex Thomo
Hannu Toivonen
Panayiotis Tsaparas
Takeaki Uno
Dries Van Dyck
Matthijs Van Leeuwen
Jilles Vreeken
Fei Wang
Haixun Wang
Ke Wang
Raymond Chi-Wing Wong
Xindong Wu
Xintao Wu
Dong Xin
Hui Xiong
Xifeng Yan
Qiang Yang
Philip Yu
Zhongfei Zhang
Zhi-Hua Zhou
Albrecht Zimmermann


Data mining is an important tool in science, engineering, industrial processes, healthcare, business, and medicine. The datasets in these fields are large, complex, and often noisy.  Extracting knowledge requires the use of sophisticated, high-performance and principled analysis techniques and algorithms, based on sound theoretical and statistical foundations. These techniques in turn require powerful visualization technologies; implementations that must be carefully tuned for performance; software systems that are usable by scientists, engineers, and physicians as well as researchers; and infrastructures that support them.

This conference provides a venue for researchers who are addressing these problems to present their work in a peer-reviewed forum. It also provides an ideal setting for graduate students and others new to the field to learn about cutting-edge research by hearing outstanding invited speakers and attending tutorials (included with conference registration). A set of focused workshops are also held on the last day of the conference. The proceedings of the conference are published in archival form, and are also made available on the SIAM web site.

Funding Agency


SIAM and the Conference Organizing Committee wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to the U.S. National Science Foundation for its support of this conference.


We invite submissions related to the design, analysis, and implementation of data mining algorithms and systems.  We would especially like to encourage submissions that describe new application domains and highlight the importance and benefits of employing data mining techniques on these domains

Methods and Algorithms
Frequent Pattern Mining
Probabilistic and Statistical Methods
Spatial and Temporal Mining
Data Stream Mining
Abnormality and Outlier Detection
Feature Selection / Feature Extraction
Dimension Reduction
Data Reduction
Mining with Constraints
Data Cleaning and Noise Reduction
Computational Learning Theory
Multi-Task Learning
Adaptive Algorithms
Scalable and High-Performance Mining
Mining Graphs
Mining Semistructured Data
Mining Complex Datasets
Mining on Emerging Architectures
Text and Web Mining
Other Novel MethodsApplications

Astronomy & Astrophysics
High Energy Physics
Collaborative Filtering
Earth Science
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Customer Relationship Management
Genomics and Bioinformatics
Drug Discovery
Healthcare Management
Automation & Process Control
Logistics Management
Intrusion and Fraud detection
Sensor Network Applications
Social Network Analysis
Intelligence Analysis
Other Novel Applications and Case Studies

Human Factors and Social Issues
Ethics of Data Mining
Intellectual Ownership
Privacy Models
Privacy Preserving Data Mining and Data Publishing
Risk Analysis
User Interfaces
Interestingness and Relevance
Data and Result Visualization

Important Deadlines

October 9, 2009: Manuscripts Due
October 9, 2009: Proposal for Workshop, Minisymposia and Tutorials
December 15, 2009: Author Notification
December 22, 2009: Travel Fund Application Deadline
January 25, 2010: Camera Ready Papers

March 30, 2010

April 8, 2010

Submission website:

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