Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prepare an Effective Nomination
Below are guidelines for those making nominations and those supporting nominations.

It is preferable that nominations for SIAM prizes be made electronically to the address given in the call for nominations.

Where the call for nominations has other specific requirements, the requirements in the call should be followed.

Calls for nominations for SIAM prizes can be found at

An effective nomination normally includes:

  1. Letter of nomination
  2. CV of the candidate
  3. Letters of support from 2 or 3 experts, not more than 3 letters


  1. Nomination letter:
    A letter of nomination should summarize the reasons why the candidate deserves the prize. For paper prizes, the letter should address the paper's contributions to the field.The nominator should list the experts who will submit letters of support.

    An individual may nominate himself/herself  (or, for a paper prize, self and co-authors).  Self-nominations are accepted.  The nomination is more effective if a colleague makes the nomination. 

  2. An up-to-date CV should be submitted as a document.

  3. Letters of support:
    Letters of support should state clearly that they are in support of X's nomination of Y.

    Letters of support may be included in a "package" of documents from the nominator, or they may be submitted separately.
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