The SIAM Outstanding Paper Prizes

Principal Guideline

SIAM will award three prizes each year, beginning in 1999, for outstanding papers published in SIAM journals. The Prize Committee should seek papers that exhibit originality—for example, papers that bring a fresh look at an existing field or that open up new areas of applied mathematics. The Committee is urged to give special consideration to early career authors.

Prize Committee

The SIAM President, upon consultation with the Vice President-at-Large and the Vice President for Publications, will each year appoint a Prize Committee of five SIAM members. The Committee will submit its recommendations for the prizes not later than four months before the date of the Annual Meeting (except that recommendations for the 1999 prizes will be submitted by March 30, 1999).

Selection Procedures

Starting with the 2016 award, eligible papers will be those published in SIAM journals during the three calendar years prior to the year before the year of the award, using the date of electronic publication for papers from 1998 onward.  Papers published in the SIGEST section of SIAM Review are not eligible for this prize.

In seeking nominations, the Prize Committee is encouraged to consult with journal editors and with the Vice President for Publications. The Committee should briefly describe the significance of each paper chosen, and the prizes must be approved by the President, Vice President-at-Large, and Vice President for Publications.

Prize Award Date

The prizes are awarded annually.

Description of the Award

The amount of the award will be $500 to each recipient. There will be an additional $1,000 per winner paper as a contribution towards travel expenses to attend the Annual Meeting to receive the award.

Award Presentation

The awards to the authors will be presented at the SIAM Annual Meeting.

Prize History

Prizes Awarded in 1999

Prizes Awarded in 2000 Prizes Awarded in 2001 Prizes Awarded in 2003 Prizes Awarded in 2004

Prizes Awarded in 2005

Prizes Awarded in 2006

Prizes Awarded in 2007

Prizes Awarded in 2008

There were no prizes awarded in 2009 and 2010.

Prizes Awarded in 2011

Prizes Awarded in 2012

Prizes Awarded in 2013

Prizes Awarded in 2014

No award was made in 2015.

Prizes Awarded in 2016

Prizes Awarded in 2017

The next award will be made in 2018.

Changes to specifications (travel expenses and committee size) approved by Board July 2014.



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