Criteria for the Approval of Sections

  1. A Section should cover a well-defined regional area, possibly non-contiguous.

  2. A Section should have a critical mass of SIAM members or potential SIAM members.  The size of this critical mass should be decided on a case by case basis, bearing in mind the region in question, and will normally be at least 100.

  3. When face-to-face meetings are part of the Section's plans, consideration should be given to allowing participation at reasonable expense, and this will usually imply that the proposed region is not too large.

  4. A SIAM Section should represent applied and computational mathematics in the entire region it serves. It should not be limited to a relatively small number of institutions. No more than one Section should cover the same region.

  5. Participation in Section activities should be open to all institutions in the region with an interest in applied and computational mathematics. The signatures endorsing the petition should reflect this.

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