Procedures for Running Sections

  1. The SIAM Vice President at Large will oversee the activities of Sections and make recommendations to the Board about applications for new Sections.

  2. The SIAM Vice President at Large will be responsible for ensuring that articles about Section activities are solicited for SIAM News.

  3. Each Section is required to submit an annual Secretary's report on its activities, and an annual Treasurer's report, as specified in the Rules of Procedure V.3 and V.4.

  4. SIAM will provide a standard web page for each Section containing the list of officers and Rules of Procedure.  It will also offer a second area on the SIAM web server where the Section can itself create and maintain content. This will avoid the need for Sections to create local websites, which usually need to move around as officers change, and will facilitate archiving of Section activities.

  5. SIAM, as part of its budgeting process, will propose a total amount available to SIAM Sections for funding in the budget year. The total amount will be published and sent to officers of SIAM Sections in August, as a proposed amount for the next calendar year. Sections will then submit budget requests against this amount. Section funding requests will be due on September 15 for programs in the subsequent calendar year. The proposed budget requests will be reviewed and evaluated as a group by the SIAM staff and sent to the Committee on Section Activities for final approval. Ordinarily, the total of the approved amounts will fall within the budgeted amount. The Committee on Section Activities may therefore require Sections to make budget adjustments in order to fall within these constraints. The SIAM office will communicate the decision of the Committee on Section Activities back to the officers of each Section by October 15 and make the final adjustments to the SIAM budget based on these decisions. 

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