How members of your chapter can get free SIAM memberships

Free SIAM Memberships for Student Chapter Members! (MUST BE RENEWED ANNUALLY)

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Encourage your chapter
members to Join SIAM.

Student members of SIAM student chapters are eligible for free SIAM student memberships.
Please encourage students to join SIAM and remind chapter officers that, according to the rules of procedure, they are required to be SIAM members. Starting in 2014, any students nominated to receive a SIAM Certificate of Recognition or selected to represent the chapter at the SIAM Annual Meeting must also be SIAM members. We want students to begin to feel part of the larger applied and computational mathematics community. As SIAM members, students are eligible for a 30% discount on SIAM books; receive free subscriptions to SIAM News, SIAM Review, and Unwrapped; and have access to career information as well as cutting-edge research. If students apply for SIAM Student Travel Awards to attend SIAM conferences, their membership in SIAM might tip the balance in their favor if all other qualifications are equal among candidates are equal.

There are two ways for students to get free SIAM membership:

  1. Students may join online and claim free membership by virtue of their association with the chapter. After completing the online application, students will receive email confirmation and a new member orientation packet in the mail.

    Note: in order to receive a free student membership, you must have a current education record in your online account and an entry in the “Student Chapter Membership” section.

    1. To check or add this information, log in, click on “My Account” at the top of the page; under “affiliations” on the left sidebar, click on “educational background.”
    2. If the education record is not current, click on “Add Education” and complete all information requested.
      1. To ensure that you will qualify for a free student membership, when filling in the name of the Institution in your education record, be sure to select a name from the dropdown box rather than typing in the name. You will know that you have selected the name from the dropdown box if it appears in all caps.  If the name of the institution includes lower case letters, go back and select the name from the dropdown box.
      2. If you already have an education record, confirm that the entry for “Institution” is in all caps. If it is not, select the name of your institution from the drop down box and click on “submit”.
    3. If the “Student Chapter Membership” is not current, click on “Add/Update Chapter” and select your chapter. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page and complete the process of joining.
  2. Download a membership application and have each student fill it out and return to SIAM. You can request copies of membership applications from Nancy Snell.


  1. Every student member is eligible to choose two complimentary activity group memberships!
  2. Free student memberships are for one year and must be renewed annually. Graduate students are eligible for up to six years of free membership.
  3. Free student members receive SIAM Review only in electronic format and are not eligible to vote in SIAM elections. If students prefer to receive SIAM Review in print, as well as in electronic format, and they wish to be eligible to vote in SIAM elections, they can upgrade their membership for just $25 per year by joining online as a paying student or by contacting Customer Service at [email protected].

Send updates on chapter information to Nancy Snell at [email protected].

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