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Orientation Information for New Chapters

Congratulations on forming a new SIAM Student Chapter. Below is information that will assist you in growing your new chapter into an active group and taking advantage of all that SIAM offers its chapters.


Free SIAM Memberships
about siam slideshow
Encourage your chapter
members to Join SIAM.

Find out how your students can get free SIAM memberships.  Encourage your chapters members to take advantage of this great opportunity.  You can see more information on the benefits of SIAM at or you can share the “About SIAM” slideshow with your chapter members.

Annual Calendar
A summary of dates and events important to your chapter.

SIAM provides up to $500 per academic year for each student chapter to support guest speakers, refreshments for chapter meetings, and other activities. Find out how to receive funding.

Promoting Your Chapter
Share your activities with the broader SIAM community.

Collaborating with other chapters
Find out about the opportunities for collaborating and sharing ideas among the chapters from across the globe.

Send updates on chapter information to Nancy Snell at [email protected].


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