Poster Prize

The following four posters were recognized by the MPE16 conference co-chairs as poster prizewinners. Recipients received copies of the book "Mathematics of Planet Earth," edited by Hans Kaper and Christiane Rousseau.

Lagrangian Transport in a Dynamic Stratified Quadrupole Ocean Model
Henry Chang, Helga S. Huntley, and A. D. Kirwan, University of Delaware, USA

Simulation of Coastal Inundation Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Novel Bottom Friction Parametrization
Marc Kjerland and Nobuhito Mori, Kyoto University, Japan

Design of Random Rough Interfaces for Optimal Light Absorption in Thin Film Solar Cells
Hans-Werner Van Wyk, Auburn University, USA

A Numerical Study of Biofilm Growth in a Microgravity Environment
Nectarios C. Papanicolaou, University of Nicosia, Cyprus; Andreas Aristotelous, West Chester University, USA

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