Invited Presentations

Presentations at the Conference

Selected presentations from the 2016 SIAM Conferences on Mathematics of Planet Earth have been captures and are available as slides with synchronized audio. In addition there are PDF’s of the slides available for printing. View presentation slides with synchronized audio.

Plenary Speakers

Michael Hanemann, Arizona State University and University of California, Berkeley, USA
View Presentation: The Problem of Translating Climate Change into Impacts

Molly Jahn, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Public Lecture [PDF, 200KB]
View Presentation: Assessing Risks to Global Food Systems: Mathematicians, Food System Experts and Insurance

Sean A. McKenna, IBM Research, Ireland

Daniel Rothman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Corina Tarnita, Princeton University, USA
View Presentation: Feedbacks Between Soil Engineers and Vegetation can Increase Ecosystem Robustness

Claudia Sagastizábal, IMPA, Brazil (Visiting Researcher) - CANCELLED
Laura Wynter, IBM Research, Singapore - CANCELLED


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