Program and Abstracts


Online Program Schedule

The program schedule is available as a .pdf and webpage.


Program Abstracts

Abstracts [PDF, 22MB]


Recording of Presentations

Audio or video recording of presentations at SIAM meetings is prohibited without the written permission of the presenter and SIAM.


Technical Session Overflow Room

Due to overwhelming success of the workshop, and in order to accommodate the high number of attendees, arrangements have been made for a technical session overflow room. The overflow room will be in Webster, located next to the main technical session room, Stone. Both rooms are located on the Lobby Level of the Westin Boston Waterfront. Webster will include a screen and audio capability to enable attendees to see the presentation slides, hear the presentation, as well as an audience microphone to allow participants to communicate and ask questions of the presenter. If there is limited seating in Stone, attendees are encouraged to use Webster on both days of the workshop.

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