Deadline Dates

Deadlines are midnight Eastern Time

October 9, 2007 November 8, 2007 EST:  Minisymposium proposals
November 8, 2007 November 15, 2007 EST:  Abstracts for contributed and minisymposium speakers

How to Participate

SIAM requests that individuals limit themselves to giving one talk. (This does not apply to invited plenary speakers). The co-chairs of the organizing committee may make exceptions to this request.

You are invited to contribute a presentation for this conference in one of the following formats.


A minisymposium consists of four 25-minute presentations, with an additional five minutes for discussion after each presentation. Prospective minisymposium organizers are asked to submit a proposal consisting of a title, a description (not to exceed 100 words), and a list of speakers and titles of their presentations using the Conference Management System.

To ensure balance, we would prefer that a single individual not be the organizer of more than one minisymposium.

It is recommended that the minisymposium organizer make the first presentation. Each minisymposium speaker should submit a 75-word abstract. The organizing committee will referee minisymposium proposals. The number of minisymposia may be limited to retain an acceptable level of parallelism in the conference sessions.

For further minisymposium organizer and participant information, please visit:

Deadline for submission of minisymposium proposals: October 9, 2007 November 8, 2007
Deadline for submission of minisymposium speaker abstracts:  November 8, 2007

Contributed Presentations in Lecture or Poster Format

Contributed presentations in lecture or poster format are invited in all areas consistent with the conference themes. A lecture format involves a 20-minute oral presentation with an additional 4 minutes for discussion. A poster format involves the use of non-electronic visual aids for mounting on a 4’x 6’ or 4' x 8' poster board. A poster session is two hours long. OP08's Organizing Committee will award a prize for the best poster presentation. Each contributor, either for a lecture or a poster, must submit a title and a brief abstract not to exceed 75 words. Please submit contributed presentations in lecture or poster format using the Conference Management System.

Deadline for submission of contributed abstracts: November 8, 2007 November 15, 2007


Acceptance Notification

Authors will be notified by e-mail in December 2007.


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