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Start a Student Chapter of SIAM at Your College or University

Student chapters of SIAM are formed by one or more colleges or universities or any relevant academic department for the purpose of promoting a program of activities consistent with the stated objectives of SIAM:

A request to form a student chapter (letter of intent) is submitted to the SIAM Board of Trustees, accompanied by a petition signed by at least 12 regular or student members of SIAM, including 2 faculty members at the sponsoring institution. Members signing the petition do not have to be located at the sponsoring institution and do not have to be potential members of the proposed chapter.

Following the Board's approval of the petition, the organizers of the chapter prepare a set of Rules of Procedure, based on a draft supplied by SIAM. The draft is provided in a flexible format, so that the chapter may organize the procedures to meet its specific needs. Although the procedures do not provide for any specific professional activities, it is SIAM's intent to define meaningful student activities in applied mathematics and foster their development by the interaction and exchange of experience among SIAM Student Chapters.

SIAM has created a set of guidelines and forms that streamline the process. The following documents will allow you to get started today.

  1. Checklist for establishing a new chapter
  2. Petition for the Formation of a Student Chapter of SIAM (to be submitted to the SIAM Board of Trustees) [PDF, 10KB]
  3. Draft Rules of Procedure
  4. How members of your chapter can get free SIAM memberships
  5. Request for Funding [PDF, 40KB]
  6. Annual Final Report [PDF, 33KB]
Other SIAM materials to support chapter organization

For more information about chapters, contact Membership Manager Tim Fest or Membership Coordinator Nancy Snell.

Send updates on chapter information to Nancy Snell at [email protected].

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