Electronic Submission of Art

Electronic Submission of SIAM print advertising

The SIAM News staff encourages submission of your display ad in electronic form, in the following formats:

  1. PDF is preferred, grayscale or CMYK at 100% of actual size. All text should be 100% black. For black & white ads, use 100% K instead of a 4/c blend.* Please embed all fonts when you create the PDF. If you need further information regarding the creation of your ad, please contact [email protected].
  2. Adobe Encapsulated PostScript® File (EPS), 100% of actual size, with all linked files and fonts supplied separately. Fonts should be changed to outlines. EPS files created on other platforms can be accepted.

This preference of formats is for display and classified display print ads.

For print classified ads, please submit advertisements in a Word file or in the body of the email.

EPS files created on other platforms can be accepted.

Please e-mail your PDF or EPS file to [email protected].

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact [email protected].

*Even in the case of ads that include color, the black text should be designed as 100% K to ensure that the text will not appear blurry.

Composition and Design

SIAM will prepare advertisements for those who cannot provide artwork. There is a $75 minimum charge, and complete quotes will be given after a review of all work involved.

Advertising Acceptance and Copy Restrictions
SIAM reserves the right to reject any advertisement not considered suitable for publication.

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