SIAG conference run with limited or no SIAM support or staff or held outside North America

Note: This information also applies to established conferences that SIAM runs such as SODA, Data Mining, and Mathematic for Industry.

SIAGs may solicit proposals from members to run a conference with little or no SIAM support or staff.  A conference run primarily by local organizers with volunteer local support can sometimes be a less expensive way to run a conference.  However, proposals should be submitted to the SIAG officers and the SIAM Director of Program and Services before the conference prior to the one being proposed so that proposals can be reviewed and costs associated with any SIAM services estimated.  Then approved proposals may be presented at the SIAG business meeting.  For a SIAG that runs a biennial or triennial conference, proposals should be solicited at least 6 months before the business meeting at the prior conference and all proposals should be submitted 3 months before the business meeting. 

There are three options for a SIAG conference run with limited SIAM support or staff:

  1. SIAM takes financial responsibility, but volunteers provide some services at no cost.  One example of this is a conference run at a university.  In this case SIAM would be involved in setting the registration fee structure.
  2. Another organization takes financial responsibility, but SIAM provides limited services at a fee.
  3. Another organization takes financial responsibility and no SIAM services are used to run the conference.  For example, a SIAG may decide to reduce the cost of running a meeting by working with local organizers to run a meeting at a University without SIAM services.

SIAGs can plan conferences outside North America, but groups are encouraged to collaborate with a local organization that can take financial responsibility.  This means finding an organization in the country where the conference is being held that is can collect registration, sign contracts for services, pay invoices, and handle payment of any local taxes.  One possibility is to partner with another professional society or university.  SIAGs may still submit a request to SIAM for limited financial support or to contract for services at a fee to help run the conference. 

SIAG conferences run in North America can be held with SIAM taking financial responsibility but can also be held with another organization taking financial responsibility.

If the conference has an established proceedings that is handled by SIAM the policy is that SIAM will continue to handle the proceedings and will provide information about any fees that should be included in the budget to cover the cost of the proceedings.

Proposals are subject to approval by the SIAG Officers or conference steering committee, SIAM VP for Programs, and the SIAM Executive Director.

The proposal form should be completed and returned with a draft budget to Linda Thiel, [email protected], SIAM Director of Programs and Services.

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