SIAM-Run Conference or Workshop Proposal

This proposal is for a conference or workshop in North America that is not a regularly scheduled SIAG meeting.

SIAM is interested in new ideas for professional meetings and accepts proposals for conferences or workshops to be run by SIAM.  Meetings run by SIAM are expected to recover their costs through registration fees, and possibly grant funding and sponsorships. Proposals are judged on the basis of scientific merit and timeliness of the meeting, as well as interest to the SIAM membership.

Proposals will be reviewed by SIAM’s Executive Director and SIAM’s Vice President for Programs.

If the proposal is accepted, SIAM provides full administrative support and service, takes financial responsibility and sets all fees.  SIAM conference staff takes care of the site selection, and helps with putting together the scientific program and scheduling of activities.  

If, however, you want to make your own local arrangements, assume financial responsibility, and only contract SIAM services at a fee, then please see the SIAM-Sponsored Conference or Workshop Proposal page.  If your meeting will be outside North America, also please see the SIAM-Sponsored Conference or Workshop Proposal page.

The dates of a proposed new conference should not fall within two weeks of any SIAM conference.  New workshops can be proposed to run with one on SIAM’s existing conferences.

Please submit the form below at least 30 months (2½ years) before the proposed meeting dates.

Complete and e-mail proposal form to Linda Thiel, [email protected], Director of Programs and Services.

Download form:
Text form
Microsoft Word form

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