SIAM-Sponsored Conference or Workshop Proposal

This proposal is for requesting financial or administrative support for a conference or workshop that is not a regularly scheduled SIAG meeting.

SIAM has limited funding to provide sponsorship or support for conferences or workshops organized by other groups.  SIAM’s priority is to promote its areas of interest to its members, but we are interested in new ideas for professional meetings and in helping groups who wish to run SIAM-sponsored meetings.  Services or support may be requested for meetings held in North America or outside North America. 

SIAM can provide sponsorship for a meeting provided there is an organization in the country where the meeting is being held that is able to take financial responsibility and sign contracts for services. One possibility is to partner with another professional society or with a university.  Organizers may submit a proposal to SIAM for limited financial support or contract for services at a fee to help run the meeting. 

Proposals will be reviewed by SIAM’s Executive Director and SIAM’s Vice President for Programs. SIAM will consider diversity issues when deciding whether to sponsor a given conference.

The dates of the proposed meeting should not fall within two weeks of any SIAM meeting.  

At least one SIAM member must be on the organizing committee; that member must be listed explicitly as the SIAM representative on all conference materials and announcements.

A request for funds or administrative support should be submitted at least 24 months (2 years) before the proposed meeting date. 

There are limited funds available to provide partial support for the following:

  1. Invited speaker travel expenses
  2. Minitutorial speaker expenses
  3. Student or early career travel support

In addition SIAM can provide administrative support services.  There are fees associated with these services:

  1. Collection of abstracts
  2. Production of program book
  3. Maintenance of meeting Web site
  4. Collection of registration fees (only meetings in North America)

SIAM will provide an estimate of the fees and the level of service once the application has been reviewed. 

Complete and e-mail proposal form to Linda Thiel, [email protected], Director of Programs and Services.

Download form:
Text form
Microsoft Word form

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