Session Code: AB

Minisymposium Title: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Bio/Complex Fluids

Minisymposium Description: Complex fluids are materials with a complicated microstructure, which can exhibit both viscous and?elastic behaviors, for example polymer and surfactant solutions. Properties of these fluids can be exploited to produce materials useful in industrial (soaps and gels) and biological (blood flow and?drug delivery) applications. The physics and dynamics of complex fluids are nontrivial, for example elastic instabilities such as shear banding, requiring detailed modeling combined with intricate?analytic and simulation methods. The goal of this symposium is to bring together mathematicians and practitioners in the area to advance the subject through discussion and collaboration. Transients in Taylor-Couette Flow of the

Minisymposium Organizer: Michael Cromer, University of Delaware, USA, Lin Zhou

Michael Cromer, University of Delaware, USA-Two-Fluid Rolie- Poly Model
Michael Renardy-Modeling Thixotropic Yield Stress Fluids As a Singular Limit of Viscoelasticity
Peter Olmsted-The Origin and Role of Spatially Inhomogeneous Stresses in Models for Entangled Polymers in Strong Shearing Flows
Emanuela Del Gado-Deformation and Yielding in Soft Solids
Weizhong Zou-Mesoscopic Modelling of Viscoelastic Properties of Micellar Solutions
Lin Zhou-Mesoscopic Modeling of Networked Fluids
M. Gregory Forest, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA-Mucus Microrheology As An Assay for Disease Progression and Drug Treatment
Erik Palmer-A Stochastic Model of Lung Mucus Gel Networks
Caroline Wagner-Modeling the Macroscopic Rheological Response of Saliva Using Microscopic Polymer Network Considerations

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