Session Code: AC

Minisymposium Title: Modern Aspects of Homogenization

Minisymposium Description: Homogenization can be used to rigorously derive effective descriptions for a broad variety of models featuring microstructure. In recent developments challenging aspects are discussed such as the quantification and identification of effects generated by disorder and noise, the treatment of nonlinearities, degeneracy and high-contrast. In this minisymposium we explore advances on the different frontiers of homogenization theory with the aim to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas. Specific topics include various aspects of stochastic homogenization, homogenization of nonlinear evolution, high-contrast homogenization, and applications to materials modelling.

Minisymposium Organizer: Stefan Neukamm

Marek Biskup-Stochastic Homogenization and the Random Conductance Model
Stefan Neukamm-Quantitative Two-Scale Expansion in Stochastic Homogenization
Ryoki Fukushima-Eigenvalue Fluctuations for Lattice Anderson Hamiltonians
Maxa Mustermann-Contributed Talk (hom1)
Nicolas Dirr-Homogenisation for Mean Field Games
Dorothee Knees-A Multiscale Damage Model in the Context of Evolutionary Gamma-Convergence
Marcus Waurick-Homogenization in Fractional Elasticity
Maxb Mustermann-Contributed Talk (hom2)
Kirill Cherednichenko-Norm-Resolvent Convergence of One-Dimensional High-Contrast Periodic Problems to a Kronig-Penney Dipole-Type Model
Agnes Lamacz-Effective Maxwell's Equations in a Geometry with Flat Split-Rings

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