Session Code: AH

Minisymposium Title: Nonlinear Waves in Lattices

Minisymposium Description: Many problems in materials science concern phenomena where the interplay between discreteness and nonlinearity of the medium leads to the formation of nonlinear waves. Examples include emergence of localized excitations in metamaterials and defect propagation in crystal lattices. This minisymposium features presentations of recent theoretical and experimental results by leading experts in nonlinear lattice dynamics, with an emphasis on promising mathematical developments and novel applications in materials science. It aims to facilitate a fruitful exchange of ideas among mathematicians, physicists and engineers working in this field and identify future directions and open problems.

Minisymposium Organizer: Anna Vainchtein, University of Pittsburgh, USA, Yuli Starosvetsky

Surajit Sen-From Noisy Signals to Solitary Wave Trains
Nicholas Boechler, California Institute of Technology, USA-Nonlinear Waves in Microscale Granular Crystals
Panayotis Kevrekidis-From Origami Lattices and Energy Cascades to Woodpile Chains and Disordered Media
Guillaume James, Jose Eduardo Morales Morales and Arnaud Tonnelier, Inria Rhone, France-Solitary Waves in the Burridge-Knopoff Model
Michael Herrmann-Asymptotic Formulas for Lattice Waves in the High-Energy Limit
Aaron Hoffman, Boston University, USA-Traveling Waves in Lattices with Obstacles
Lev Truskinovsky, Ecole Polytechnique, France-Multi-Field Description of a Simple Particle Chain
Arkady Pikovsky, University of Potsdam, Germany-Energy Spreading in Strongly Nonlinear Lattices: from Nonlinear Diffusion to Second Sound
Yuli Starosvetsky-Dynamics of Inertially Coupled Mechanical Metamaterials

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