Session Code: AK

Minisymposium Title: On Limiting Strain Behaviour of Elastic Materials

Minisymposium Description: In classical elasticity theory, there cannot be a nonlinear relationship between the linearized strain and the stress, which, in fact, is observed in some experiments. In this minisymposium we are interested in investigating the behaviour of elastic solids that are best described by implicit constitutive relations allowing for approximations where the linearized strain is a nonlinear function of the stress. This class of implicit constitutive models, developed by Rajagopal, are called strain-limiting models and their advantage is that they allow for the linearized strain to be bounded in all circumstances, even when the stress is very large.

Minisymposium Organizer: Yasemin Sengul

K. R. Rajagopal-On Implicit and Strain-Limiting Theories for Describing the Elastic Response of Bodies
Miroslav Bulicek-Limiting Strain Models in Elasticity Theory and Variational Integrals with Linear Growth
Giuseppe Saccomandi-Implicit Theories of Continua: An Overview
Jay R. Walton, Texas A&M University, USA-On Hyperelasticity and Rank-­-1 Convexity for Strain-­-limiting Theories of Elasticity
Yasemin Sengul-Traveling Waves in One-Dimensional Nonlinear Models of Strain-Limiting Viscoelasticity

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