Session Code: AM

Minisymposium Title: Quantifying Uncertainty and Stochasticity in Material Modeling

Minisymposium Description: Over the past few decades, mathematical modelings as well as simulation tools have greatly enhanced the study of materials. However, deterministic approaches are often pushed to their limit, and the uncertainty in the models is often inevitable due to the intrinsic stochasticity of the materials. Uncertainty quantification (UQ) enters as a valuable tool that addresses issues on uncertainty propagation, optimal sampling, rare events, etc. This minisymposium aims at bringing researchers to discuss recent developments on UQ methods for material sciences that helps to understand the effect of uncertainty and stochasticity in material modeling including model calibration, material failure, transition paths.

Minisymposium Organizer: Huan Lei, Xiu Yang

Eric F. Darve, Stanford University, USA-Discovery of Metastable and Transition States Using the Concurrent Adaptive Sampling Method
Huan Lei-Quantifying Transition Dynamics of Nanoscale Complex Fluid Via Mesoscopic Modeling
Jing Li- Efficient Failure Probability Calculation Through Mesh Refinement
Xiang Zhou-On the Failure Probability of One Dimensional Random Material under Delta External Force
Panos Stinis-Polymer Looping: Kinetics and Mean First Passage Time
Xiaoliang Wan, Louisiana State University, USA-Adaptive Minimum Action Method for Nongradient Systems
Xingjie Li-A Coarse-Grained and Time Accelerated Modeling for Protein Unfolding Dynamics

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