Session Code: AN

Minisymposium Title: Recent Developments in Mathematical Modeling of Recrystallization, Grain Growth and Related Phenomena

Minisymposium Description: Polycrystalline grain microstructures are ubiquitous among technologically important materials, such as most metals and ceramics. The control of microstructures through processing is crucial to improvement of material properties, such as strength, toughness and electrical conductivity. This minisymposium will focus on understanding and prediction of thermodynamics and kinetics of grain microstructures. The minisymposium will bring together experts from materials science and mathematics and will include talks that range from experiments and modeling to algorithm development and analysis.

Minisymposium Organizer: Maria Emelianenko, George Mason University, USA, Selim Esedoglu, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, Dmitry Golovaty, University of Akron, USA, Dana Zoellner

Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University, USA-Dislocation Motion and Grain Growth
Mark Asta, University of California, Berkeley, USA-Atomistic Simulations of Line Defects at Interfaces
S. M. Foiles, Sandia National Laboratories, USA-Grain Growth in Alloys: Atomistic and Phase Field Perspectives
Elizabeth Holm-Graph Kernel Approaches to the Transgranular Network
Marko Knezevic-Coupled Modeling of Deformation and Recrystallization of Texture in Uranium
Luis Barrales-Mora-Recent Advances in the Simulation of Grain Boundary Migration and Related Phenomena: from the Atomistic to the Mesoscopic Scale
Marc Bernacki-Recent Advances in the Full Field Modeling of Recrystallization and Grain Growth Using the Level Set Approach
Katayun Barmak-Grain Growth in Thin Metallic Films: An Outstanding Problem
Alexander Nepomnyashchy-Growth of Grain Boundary Grooves by Anamolous Surface Diffusion
Amy Novick-Cohen-Surface Effects on Grain Boundary Migration in Thin Films
Tim Laux-Convergence of Thresholding Schemes for Mean-Curvature Motion
Dana Zoellner-A New Look on Scaling: The Envelope of Size Distributions in Ostwald Ripening and Grain Growth
Yekaterina Epshteyn, University of Utah, USA-Grain Boundary Character Distribution and Mass Transport Paradigm
Govind Menon, Brown University, USA-Kinetic Models for 2D Grain Growth
James Warren, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA-Tbd Talk on Grains
Shlomo Taasan, Carnegie Mellon University, USA-Inverse Problems in Grain Boundary Networks
Martin Glicksman-Dynamics of Polycrystalline Networks
David J. Srolovitz, Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore-Tbd Talk on Grains 2
Matthias Militzer- Tbd Talk on Grains 3
Anthony Rollett, Carnegie Mellon University, USA-Review of Abnormal Grain Growth, New and Old Mechanisms

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