Session Code: C

Minisymposium Title: Complex Analysis, Optimization, and Herglotz Functions in Passive Electromagnetics and Composite Media

Minisymposium Description: The aim of this symposium is to bring together a diverse group of researchers from mathematics, engineering, and physics that, although working on seemingly distinct topics, use similar tools from complex analysis or optimization theory in which Herglotz or Stieltjes functions are important. This symposium will help bring new insights and advancements in the theory of Herglotz functions and its applications by highlighting progress and challenges in the areas of multivariate complex analysis, electromagnetics, and the theory of composites. Topics include Herglotz functions, passive systems, complex analysis, optimization theory, dispersion relations, sum rules, bounds, and applications in electromagnetics and composites.

Minisymposium Organizer: Maxence Cassier, Graeme W. Milton, University of Utah, USA, Mihai Putinar
Aaron T. Welters

Graeme Milton -Bounds on the Transient Response of Composites and Bodies
Ross McPhedran -The Spectrum of Composite Media in Two Dimensions and Energy Harvesting
Yvonne Ou- Applications of Herglotz Functions in Poroelastic and Elastic Composite Materials
Maxence Cassier- Bounds on Stieltjes Functions and Their Applications to Passive Cloaking
Kenneth Golden- Complex Analysis and Herglotz Functions in the Mathematics of Sea Ice
Mats Gustafsson- Herglotz Functions and Sum Rules for Passive Systems
Aaron Welters- Analyticity of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map for Maxwell's Equations in Passive Composite Media
Elena Cherkaev- Pade Approximants of Herglotz Functions
Daniel Sjöberg- Determination of Optimal Performance of Electromagnetic Devices Using Convex Optimization
Mihai Putinar- Markov Regularization of Multivariate Moment Sequences of Singular Measures

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