Session Code: E

Minisymposium Title: Computational Techniques for Multiscale Materials Modeling

Minisymposium Description: Emerging problems in micro-mechanical systems require modeling and computational effort across various physical scales. In this symposium we bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers to focus on new developments in the analysis and simulations of complex material behavior, analytical and computational tools for the model reduction of atomic-level descriptions and the mathematical foundations of multiscale modeling

Minisymposium Organizer: Zhijian Yang, Wuhan University, China, Carlos Garcia Cervera, Xiantao Li, Pennsylvania State University, USA, Pingbing Ming, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Selim Esedoglu, University of California, Los Angeles, USA-Algorithms for Weighted (anisotropic) Mean Curvature Motion of Networks
Weiqing Ren, National University of Singapore and IHPC, Singapore-The String Method for Saddle Points Search
Liping Liu- Solitary Waves in Two Dimensional Lattices

Lin Lin, Pinceton University, USA- Density Functional Perturbation Theory for Large Systems
Hector D. Ceniceros, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA- Modelling and Simulation of Magnetic Fluids
Jianfeng Lu, New York University, USA- Boundary Conditions for Multiphysics Modeling
Marta D'Elia-A Coupling Strategy for Multiscale Modeling in the Context of Nonlocal Problems
Jingrun Chen-An Efficient Multigrid Stragety for Large-Scale Molecular Mechanics Optimization
Anja Schloemerkemper-On a Variational Analysis of the Quasicontinuum Method
Lei Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China-Analysis of A/C Coupling Method for Dislocation Nucleation
Virginie Ehrlacher- Embedded Corrector Problem and Boundary Integral Methods for Stochastic Homogenization
Xiaojie Wu-Simulations of Material Interface Problems Using Atomistic-Based Boundary Element Method

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