Session Code: J

Minisymposium Title: Materials Science Applications to Cellular and Molecular Structures

Minisymposium Description: In the last decades, it has become clear that the genome is much more than the ATCG’s that made up the DNA molecule, yet much remains unknown about its behavior in living cells. The genome is far from being a static information warehouse. Rather, it is a mechanically active entity that is constantly altering its shape. Since DNA molecules are in fact very long polymer molecules, a wealth of information can be gained about the behavior of the genome by applying principles from polymer theory. This minisymposium focuses on applications of polymer science to the studies of cellular organization and function.

Minisymposium Organizer: Erik Palmer, Paula A. Vasquez

Paula A. Vasquez-Polymeric Aspects of DNA Repair
Josh Lawrimore- ChromoShake: A Chromosome Dynamics Simulator
Yi Jiang-What Do Cells Feel in the Extracellular Matrix?
Jia Zhao-Modeling and Simulations of Active Liquid Crystal Polymers with Applications to Cell Mitosis
Hyesuk Lee, Clemson University, USA-Numerical Approximation of Non-Newtonian Fluid Structure Interaction Problems
Hao Chen-A Three-Dimensional Elastic Model for Hydrogel Mechanics

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