Session Code: P

Minisymposium Title: Mathematical Crystallography III. Groups, Lattices, Spaces and Superspaces

Minisymposium Description: Models of crystals, quasicrystals, and other highly ordered structures often have underlying regularities or symmetries expressible by some kind of group structure. The geometric lattice, the resulting lattice group, and its symmetry group may be derived from a (periodic) discrete model of a crystal structure or from higher dimensional lattices.

Minisymposium Organizer: Gregory McColm, University of South Florida, USA, Mile Krajcevski, Jean-Guillaume Eon, Marjorie Senechal

Mois Aroyo-Materials Studies by the Bilbao Crystallographic Server
Jeffrey Lagarias-The 12 Spheres Problem
Massimo Nespolo and Mois Aroyo-Applications of Groupoids to the Description and Interpretation of Crystal Structures: the Example of Pyxorenes

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