Session Code: R

Minisymposium Title: Mathematical Modeling of Microstructured Materials

Minisymposium Description: The goal of the session is to discuss the latest development in the area among mathematicians, material scientists and engineers, and identify important open problems. The list of topics includes but not limited to mathematical modeling of nanomaterials and biological nano-structures, homogenization and effective properties of composite materials, anisotropic behavior of composites with arbitrarily oriented inclusions and microcracks, analytical and numerical methods in periodic and random composites, inverse problems and microelectronic modeling.

Minisymposium Organizer: Lyudmyla Barannyk, University of Idaho, USA, Yuri Godin, Yuliya Gorb, University of Houston, USA, Alexander Panchenko, Washington State University, USA

Anna Zemlyanova-Surface-Elasticity-Based Approach in Modeling Material Microstructure in Fracture Problems
Victor Berdichevsky-Variational Principle for Probabilistic Measure in Theory of Materials with Random Microstructure
Salvatore Torquato, Princeton University, USA-Disordered Hyperuniform Materials: A Novel State of Amorphous Matter
Yuri Godin-Transport Properties of a Periodic Array of Spherical Inclusions
Fernando Guevara Vasquez, University of Utah, USA- Inverse Problems for the Schrodinger and Conductivity Problems on Networks
N. Benjamin Murphy-Spectral Analysis and Computation of Effective Diffusivities for Random Steady Flows
Miao-Jung Y. Ou, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA-Fast Algorithm for Computing Effective Properties of Two-Phase Composites
Yuliya Gorb, University of Houston, USA-Discrete Network Approximation of Mixture Viscosity in 3D Fems of Dense Particulate Flows
Yury Grabovsky, Temple University, USA-Exact Relations and Links for Fiber-Reinforced Elastic Composites
Anna Vainchtein, University of Pittsburgh, USA-Discrete Breathers in a Resonant Granular Chain
Alexander Panchenko, Washington State University, USA-Mesoscopic Modeling of Active Suspensions

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