Session Code: V

Minisymposium Title: Mechanics, Electro- and Hydro- dynamics of Drops and Vesicles

Minisymposium Description: Drops and vesicles (self-enclosing unilamellar lipid bilayer) are ubiquitous in material sciences as their mechanics and dynamics are relevant to a wide range of engineering applications. Vesicles are used as biomimetic model membranes to shed light on how cell membranes uptake nano-particles and remodel under forces. The electro-hydrodynamics of particles on the drop surface is investigated to understand how charged macromolecules transport on membranes. This minisymposium brings together experts in different aspects of this field to discuss new discoveries and novel mathematics for modeling the complex mechanics and dynamics of drops and vesicles as they interact with particles, charges and fluid in the context of biological soft materials.

Minisymposium Organizer: Yuan-Nan Young, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Michael Miksis, Northwestern University, USA; Petia Vlahovska-Simulatoins of Particle Structuring Driven by Electric Fields
Paul Salipante-Dynamics and Thermal Fluctuations of Particles On/near An Interface
Hongyan Yuan-Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane-Nanoparticle Interactions
Shravan Veerapaneni, New York University, USA-Computational Algorithms for Vesicle Electrohydrodynamics
David Salac, Northwestern University, USA-Recent Advances in Modeling of Liposomes in Electric and Magnetic Fields
Michael R. Booty, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA; Michael Siegel, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA-A Hybrid Numerical Method for Electrokinetic Flow with Deformable Interfaces
Peter Fu-Fast Numerical Algorithm for Simulating Vesicle Hydrodynamics
Hao Lin-Deformation of Vesicles and Tumor Spheroids: Theory and Applications
Yuan-Nan Young-Mechanosensing in Protein Mediated Membrane Adhesion
Zhangli Peng-Erythrocyte Responses in Low-Shear-Rate Flows: Effects of Non-Bioconcave Stress-Free State in the Cytoskeleton
Mohammad Rahimi-Viscoelastic Modeling of Planar Binary Mixture, Lipid Bilayers

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