Invited Presentations

Invited Plenary Speakers

Numerical Relativity: An Overview of the Field and Some Recent Results in Black Hole Simulations
Miguel Alcubierre, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Slides from Presentation [PDF, 794KB]

Coherent Dynamics in Large-scale Cortical Networks CANCELLED
Paul Bressloff, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Diane Henderson, The Pennsylvania State University   CANCELLED

Pulse Propagation in Granular Chains
Katja Lindenberg, University of California, San Diego
Slides from Presentation [PDF, 8.7MB]

Extreme Elastohydrodynamics
L.Mahadevan, Harvard University
Slides from Presentation [PDF, 4.4MB]

Lax Equations and Kinetic Theory for Shock Clustering and Burgers Turbulence
Govind Menon, Brown University
Slides from Presentation [PDF, 1.8MB]

Spin Torque with Point Contacts: Generating Nonlinear Waves with Magnetic Media in a Localized Way
Tom Silva, The National Institute of Standards and Technology
Slides from Presentation [PDF, 14MB]

Novel Electro-magnetic Phenomena: One-way-waveguides and Wireless Power Transfer
Marin Soljačić, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Slides from Presentation [PDF, 2.5MB]

Interaction Between Internal and Surface Waves in a Two Layers Fluid
Catherine Sulem, University of Toronto, Canada
Slides from Presentation [PDF, 2MB]

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