Conference and Workshop Proposals

Definitions of Each Category

Conference:  A conference should cover a broad range of topics, have invited speakers and possibly parallel sessions.  Conference attendees generally have the opportunity to participate, by proposing minisymposia or special sessions, or by submitting contributing talks or posters.

Workshop: A workshop has a narrower scientific focus, invited speakers, and no parallel sessions. The expected number of participants should be small (less than 100). A workshop may be held at the beginning or at the end of a conference  run by SIAM.

How to propose SIAG conference with limited or no SIAM support or staff or to propose running a SIAG meeting outside the US

SIAM SIAG officers may solicit proposals from members to run a conference with little or no SIAM support of staff. SIAGs may also solicit proposals from members to plan and run a meeting outside North America. This information and proposal forms may be used by the steering committees of other established meetings such as SODA, Data Mining, and Mathematics for Industry.

To find more information and the proposal form for such a meeting, go to

How to propose new conferences or workshops to be run by SIAM, to obtain SIAM sponsorship, or to run in cooperation with SIAM

SIAM offers financial or promotional support for different types of meetings. Listed below are the three different options, in order of decreasing amount of SIAM involvement.

  1. A conference or workshop run by SIAM.
    A meeting run by SIAM receives full administrative support and a substantial amount of funding from SIAM. SIAM runs a large number of such meetings every year, many of which are organized by SIAM activity groups. See for a list of upcoming conferences.

    To propose a conference or workshop to be run by SIAM in North America, go to

  2. A conference  or workshop with sponsorship from SIAM. 
    A meeting can receive sponsorship from SIAM if it is run by another organization that assumes full responsibility for finances and organization. SIAM provides only limited financial support and funding and can provide conference services at a fee. Due to limited funds, SIAM sponsorship is available only for very few meetings.  SIAM will consider proposals for sponsorship of meetings run in North America or outside North America.  However, we are limited in the kind of services that can be offered for meetings outside North America.

    To propose a conference or workshop with sponsorship from SIAM, go to

    Workshops run with support by SIAM: These workshops either ran concurrently with a SIAM conference or adjacent to a SIAM conference:
  3. A meeting in cooperation with SIAM.
    SIAM promotes the meeting to the SIAM membership, and in return, SIAM members receive a discount on registration fees. SIAM provides no administrative support and no funding for the meeting.

    To apply for cooperation with SIAM, go to


For further questions, please contact Linda Thiel, [email protected], Director of Programs and Services.

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