Fourth SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications

Program Overview

Following are subject classifications for the sessions. The codes in parentheses designate session type and number. The session types are

The poster session will take place on Friday evening.

Adaptive Control

Adaptive Control (CP12)

Control and Computation

Computational Issues in Control - I and II (CP6 and CP10)
Implementation Issues Concerning Identification and Control in Distributed Parameter Systems (MS17)
Mesh Effects in the Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems (MS3)
On the Control of Incompressible Viscous Flow Modeled by the Navier-Stokes Equations and Related Problems (IP7)
SQP-Based Direct Discretization Methods for Optimal Control Problems - I and II (MS8 and MS21a)

Control and Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems

Analysis and Control of Fluid-Structure Interaction (MS27)
Control of PDEs and Applications - Parts I, II, and III (MS7, MS13, and MS26)
Controllability, Formability and Stabilization of Distributed Systems (MS11)
Control and Variational Inequalities (MS18)
Distributed Parameter Methods for Flow and Acoustic Applications (MS4)
Distributed Parameter Systems I and II (CP1 and CP9)
Estimation and Control in Smart Material Structures (IP4)
Intelligent Materials in Control of Systems (IP10)
Modeling and Computation in Control and Optimal Design (SS1, SS2, and SS3)

Control of Linear Systems

Linear Operator Inequalities and the Positive-Real Lemma for Infinite-Dimensional Linear Systems (IP3)
Structural Approach in the Control of Linear Systems (MS5)

Control of Nonlinear Systems

Accounting for Saturation in Nonlinear Control Design (CST Prize Winner)
Applications of Geometry and Nonlinear Dynamics in Systems and Control (IP5)
Feedback Control and Motion Control in Mechanical Systems (CP15)
Recent Advances in Nonlinear Control (IP6)
Nonlinear Systems I and II (CP4 and CP16)

Fluid Flow Control

Advances in Optimal and Feedback Control of Fluids - Parts I, II, and III (MS12, MS19, and MS25)
Computation and Control of Fluids (MS2)

Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Viscosity Solutions

Dynamic Programming Methods for Optimal Control of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems (MS22)
Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Applications - Parts I, II, and III (MS1, MS21, and MS30)
Representations of Solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi Equations (MS20)
Singularities of Solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi Equations with Applications to Optimal Control (IP1)

Industrial Applications

Active Control of Fluids with Applications to Propulsion and Power Systems (IP8)
Affordability Measurement and Prediction (MS15)
Algorithms for the Design of Distributed, Multi-Agent Control Systems (IP9)
Applications: Industrial and Biological I and II (CP5 and CP11)
Applications in Optimal Control (MS24)
Invariant Curvature Flows in Computer Vision and Image Processing (IP2)

Maximum Principle and Optimality Conditions

Maximum and Optimality Principles (CP14)
Sufficient Conditions, Sensitivity Theory and Optimal Control Computations (MS9)

Optimization in Control and Systems Theory

Methods for Optimization in Distributed Parameter Systems (MS28)
Optimization (CP3)
Optimization Techniques in Control Design (MS29)

Robust Control

H-Infinity and Robust Control (CP2)
Robust Control (CP13)
Stabilization and Robust Control (CP7)

Singular Perturbations

Applications of Singular Perturbations (MS16)
Singular Perturbations in Control - Parts I and II (MS10 and MS23)

Stochastic Control

Stochastic Systems Part I: Filtering and Numerical Methods (MS6)
Stochastic Systems Part II: Stochastic Control (MS14)
Stochastic Control (CP8)

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MMD, 4/16/98